Why I Choose to Write Interracial Romance/Erotica

I have never given it much thought on to why I choose to write Interracial romance/erotica. I was going through some posts and really just searching Google when I decided to write out what I thought about why I am obsessed with this particular genre.

For starters, it was because I could never find this type of novel when I began reading novels and romantica when I was younger. I loved the Alpha males. I was fascinated by the way that the authors told their tales with suspense and love always being there. Yet, one thing bothered me: none of the characters looked like me.

I was always one with eclectic tastes in high school. I hung out with the nerds, National Honors Society members, the jocks, I played basketball, the urbanites and a group we deemed as the Black Hole. I was a part of all of these cliques. I did not need to find myself defined by who I hung out with. I was indefinable. Of course, that got me some wierd stares and getting called some names, and in a few fist fights. I was a scrapper too. But in all of this, I knew one thing, I was attracted to all races.

Of course, my family coming from the deep deep South, I knew this wouldn’t fly over well. Needless to say, I didn’t date at all in high school. Not one boyfriend, I was too intimidated by my stoic family to dare bring home someone of a different race. If I couldn’t handle it at that age, I knew that whoever that person was, they would not even survive a moment in the lion’s den.

With that being said, I relished the time alone I had to watch movies to get my fill. It was ok in my house to say a particular white man was fine as hell, Costas Mandylor, Richard Gere, you know? But to say you would date them? Oh hell to the naw. That was not going to fly.

I digress. I went to college and English was my major. At this particular time, I was still too scared to bring home the ‘other’. So I wrote it. I wrote long stories of the heroine and hero grappling with race, culture or even their own peeves and getting to the loving. As I wrote, I began to look for the same thing that I was writing. I couldn’t find it anywhere.

There were some pretty pathetic attempts at it, hinted at in certain movies such as How Stella Got Her Groove Back where one of her sisters was married to a white man. I just didn’t see it. Perhaps it was too new, or too taboo. I am not sure which. Yet, I still knew that for me it was just about attraction, not bank account, credit scores, better cars or caviar dreams. It was a plain and simple attraction. I tried very hard to analyze this and tried to figure out just how in the world could I break this “habit”, as if it were a disease to be cured. Sad isn’t it?

I quickly realized that it wasn’t just some disease, it was just a part of who I was. Just as I just don’t get down with one particular type of music, I just won’t confine myself to one particular type of man. I don’t think in any way that defines me as a person, it just defines me.

So I began to pick up my writing again, not trying to cure myself, but to embrace myself. I never wanted to be pigeonholed, and I won’t let my writing be pigeonholed either.

So I write these erotica shorts as an outlet of what I would like to see. I no longer worry about what other people think of it, and I know longer care what my family thinks. They have accepted it about me now, and even if they didn’t, I would still persue it.

Love comes in all shapes, colors and dogmas. Love knows no bounds, why should we try to cage it? It is for this reason I choose to write interracial romance because I could never get enough of it. Everyone is beautiful in their own right.


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