Researching Characters

Map of Romania
Map of Romania

I find myself in an interesting spot.  I am researching a character.  Usually, I  base my character on people I have met in my life,  I use their mannerisms and their speech patterns to mold this character that turns out to be a mish-mash of personas.   Not this time.

I am attempting to make my stories more engaging, more emotionally charged, just more… where it isn’t full of one-liners and quips that don’t give the reader any type of perception on who the character is or what they are comprised of.  I found that I wanted the hero to be a foreigner.

I thought Italian, then quickly pushed that one out of my head.  It’s been done.  I thought French, and then I thought, ehhh no, I needed something grittier, someone edgy…something not done before, or not really seen before.  I settled on Romanians.  

Why?  I am not quite sure except that a name caught me.  Covaci.  It was the perfect last name for the character I had in mind.  Covaci means “ironmaker”.  I wanted this particular hero to be iron-like, steel edged.  His name just fell into my lap.  Yet,  I realized I do not know a single Romanian and don’t know what type breed they even are. There, the research began.

Of course I started with Wikipedia.  I quickly went on to surfing blogs.  I stumbled upon a now defunct blog that spoke of dating Romanian men.  Low and behold, my first hunch was right, they have sort of a steel edge to thm, players of the game, yet when they are emotionally engaged, they are engaged.  Well, that is one opinion according to the blog of course.  

I didn’t realize that researching where your character is supposed to come from helps move the story.  I was more of a fly by the pants writer, I didn’t plot, just wrote.  Yet, I have found that the research that goes into a character well help shape and form the story.  Now if the heroine would just come as easy. 

Stay tuned to see what happens to my new hero, Lucian Covaci. 

©Lucian Covaci is a fictional name and a fictional character created by Nevea Lane.  Any similarities to a real Lucian is strictly coincindental.


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