My Review of Red Stone of Passion

Originally submitted at CyberRead

When Winifred Waters contacts Greedy Girls, Inc. to retrieve her stolen Garland Garnet, the infamous Red Stone of Passion, Riana is sent on the mission. With her partner's aid, she steals back the gemstone from the unscrupulous museum curator. Unfortunately, two sexy men are sent after her. Whe…

Red Hot Read!

By N.E. Lane from Grand Marais, MN on 6/10/2010


4out of 5

Pros: Interesting Characters, Well Written

Cons: Too short, Same Plot by Same Author

Best Uses: For a quickie read, Older Readers

Describe Yourself: Bookworm

The Red Stone of Passion was a hot read, when you like MMF. It seemed as though in this case, the MMF aspect of the relationship was forced; meaning that the two male leads didn’t even like each other. They were of separate species and after two different things. Yet they were forced to like each other for the sake of having Riana?

The story opens plainly, as I was just looking for something quick to read before I decided my next major purchase. I found myself having to re-read the first five pages because I couldn’t get a grip on who was who, but once you start to really get into it, the story moves quickly. There is barely time for you to catch your breath as you move from a chase scene to a bedroom scene to another scene. The dialog was great, the banter between the three main characters made sense.
Tuesday Morrigan is definitely a talented author, there just needs to be a different genre for her to write in.



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