Not Sure If I agree – Top 10 Movie Franchises That Won’t Die – TIME

Ok, so I am rummaging through the news for the day, and I run across this on CNN: Full List – Top 10 Movie Franchises That Won’t Die – TIME.

So the list goes:

The Karate Kid

Indiana Jones

Star Wars

Die Hard

The Friedberg and Seltzer Movies

American Pie

Friday the 13th

Bring it On



You wonder, are these movie franchises meant to die?  I mean come on, American Pie is pretty much guaranteed to go straight to DVD.  Bring it On is straight to TV at this point.   Die Hard..That is where this fan has to hold up a hand.  I happen to like the campy fun of the Die Hard.  It is easy on the eyes, you don’t have to think, and who else can start a movie fully clothed and end up in a dirty white A-shirt 30 minutes into a movie besides Bruce Willis? 

Star Wars?   Um, are you really going to try to go up against all of geekdom, nerd-dom and well pretty much a whole generation to try and stop Star Wars. Good luck with that.

Some of the movies on here are no brainers, but why leave out Fast and the Furious, the Scary Movie, Not Another Teen Movie, Superhero Movie… you get the point.

I mean there are some that just refuse to die… and you pick on Star Wars? 

You can rag on me if you want, put to the test, there are some franchises that make no sense:

Final Destination – We get it all ready, you can’t dodge death.   This is getting reminiscent of the Hellraiser franchise…stop fucking with the box.

Mission Impossible – Please stop.  No seriously, just stop.

Step Up – More like Step down?

Got any others to add?


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