Private Dancer – New WIP

I know, you are wondering, just how many works in progress can this woman have?   Seriously, this work in progress has been on my flash drive for about two years.   I have written 73 pages, and every page I want it more steamier, more grittier, maybe a little more heart wrenching and not sex for the sake of sex.   I am asking a lot aren’t I?

Not really.  I started thinking about this story more and more as I was finishing my other stories.   I realize that I didn’t finish this one because I was not relating to the character.  Relating to the character is highly important. 

So I revamped this character into one that is a combination of many of the women I met while being a stripper for two days.  Yes, only two days, I wasn’t really equipped nor did I have the temperament to be on stage letting it all hang out.  I blame youth, I was 21, and I blame student loans.   Trust me, unless you are in L.A. or something like that, there is no money to be made in this line of work.  It isn’t glamorous and you don’t have clients, you have leaches… How do I figure this after two days?  I happen to still know some of the women there and well, they borrow money from me most of the time…

So here it is, the inspired by real life intro to “Private Dancer”


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