My Interview at Fallen Angels Reviews and what’s coming from me.

My Interview…

I have my first interview posted ever.  Yeah me!   It is great to have your name out there and the wonderful women at Fallen Angel Reviews did a great job.  Check me out here: 

What’s Next…

So what is next for me you may be wondering?   Well up next I have another work coming out with BTP (Beautiful Trouble Publishing).    It is finding out what is going on with the oh-so-yummy Chase Daniels from Marked in Montana.   You don’t believe me that he is yummy?  Check out what the wonderful cover artist has created for Chased Through Montana….  




Isn’t this just delicious?


That should be coming soon, so stay tuned for that. 




And after that….

So what can you expect after that?   Right now I am working on The Romanian.  I know for certain that it will be longer that what I have previously published.   The character write-ups are in my pages if you haven’t peeped those yet.    

August’s Rush was contracted by Red Rose Publishing and added to their catalog recently.   Hopefully you will see something soon there as well.   

But for right now….

Well right now what you have got from me is a few free reads and a lot of W-I-P’s.  I hope you have enjoyed Private Dancer.  I had to get that out of my W-I-P pile.  

Right now though, I think I need a drink, a martini perhaps or a cosmo with some smooth jazz.  My creative muses have danced their asses right out the door and will only return after I have had a chance to unwind.  I have not had a chance to dissecting my favorite CD’s or re-watching some of my favorite DVD’s.    

After a much needed break, I will return at full blast with new free reads and newer publications.  Feel free to email me or comment if you have liked anything that you have seen by me.  



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