Free Read Quickie – Behind the Masks (Rated M for Mature)

Ok, ok, I know, I know… I have been gone for a good minute and that is not a good thing…I have so many ideas going on in my head that I have been unable to keep up with everything.   So, just to keep all of you thinking about me, and wondering what my crazy mind will come up with next, I give to you, Behind the Masks, a quickie…



Behind the Masks

BING! Citygirl6: What’s up? How was your Halloween party last night?

            Presskitten:  Girl, you don’t want to know what happened. You might not want to be my                                        friend.

I looked at the instant messenger on my laptop.  Nicole had been my friend for fifteen years, and even this was too raunchy of a tale for me to tell her.   I groaned at the thought of having to tell her what I did.  I don’t feel bad for what I did, but she won’t understand.   I know she wanted the details and the dish.  But I had been biting my nails for the past hour trying to avoid her.  How do I tell her I did the one thing that I swore I would never do?  I should probably tell you what is going on, so you aren’t in the dark.  Just don’t judge me.

It started with a simple online chat conversation.  When I wasn’t trying to become the ‘world’s greatest journalist’, I spend my weekends at home, buying shoes online and occasionally chatting to a person or two.  Around six months ago, I begin chatting with this guy named  scenic eyes.  The name either implied that he enjoyed looking at life, or that he was attached to someone but his eyes put more moves on a passing chick than a dance crew.  Alas, curiosity got the better of me, and I began to chat with the man.  From the first message, the font was a hunter green color whereas everyone else’s was black, he had me intrigued.  He was speaking about people watching and how you can tell different types of sexual appetites from watching people.  I was right about the wandering eye, but maybe her wasn’t a pervert, at least the way he explained himself he didn’t seem like one.   I had to ask him what he did for a living and he was a photographer.  He was right up my alley.  I being a journalist, and had met many photographers, but none were as eloquent as he was.   I started a conversation with scenic eyes and it had been a rollercoaster ever since. 

The big red PING on my laptop sounded, snapping me out of my memory.   

            Citygirl6: What happened Ty?

            Presskitten: Nothing, it was a good party… I ended up seeing the online dude I was telling                          you about.

I admit, I was one of those pessimists.  Online dating meant stalkers, nasty looking old men and cheaters. I wasn’t that hard up.  At least, I didn’t think I was that hard up.  I quickly realized that I had a lot to learn. While I am at it, I can also admit that I did not start this for a date.  I needed to get laid.  It had been three years and some months, and I realized that I was not saving it for anything special. I had been so focused on becoming a journalist for a new magazine, that I totally forgot that I needed a life, maybe a boyfriend or at least a penis in a glass case, you know, “break in case of emergency?” I had nothing, well besides a vibrating friend I like to call ‘Dick’. 

            Citygirl6: He was at the party?

            Presskitten: yeah, I invited him.

            Citygirl6: YOU DID WHAT? WHY?

            Presskitten:  it had been six months of chatting girl.  It was time to see what was up.

I was sitting at the Halloween party, please, spare me the groans of corniness. I waited patiently to see who my masked man was.  I was dressed as Catwoman.  Although I could not pass for Halle Berry, I was too tall, I must say, I was working the suit.  They were some pieces of my flesh that were showing, my neckline and the small of my back. They were baby oiled and looked kissable.  I was ready to meet the one person that took all of my inner sexual thoughts with a grain of salt. 

            Citygirl6: Well did he look good?

            Presskitten: Cute, he was real cute.

I was not about to tell her he was fine.  I love my friend, but she can be a fiend when it comes to good-looking men.  Knowing that she has a thing for white guys, I was better off leaving the remark at cute.   I did not have a preference for dating, men are like Baskin Robins, full of 31 flavors,, but I must admit, I had never dated, or had sex with a white man before.  All I know was that he was going to be Zorro and the Zorro with the wicked green eyes.  His words, not mine.  

I stood in the corner, and for the first time in my 29 years, felt lucky to stand five foot ten. I was standing taller than that in the four-inch stilettos I managed to walk in.  I loved the heels because they added a sway to my walking that isn’t there in my typical tennis shoes I wear to work.   It helped to scour the room looking for my masked date.  

I can say that I dressed for the kill because this man-made me want him.  I knew I wanted him before I went to the party.  I had hoped that he wasn’t ugly.  I was worked up and, yes, alright, horny.

What I couldn’t explain to my friend, was that this guy had my attention.  He had caught my attention from the first moment he entered the chat room.  Scenic_eyes was a name that you just couldn’t forget.  After we chatted in the public chat room for a while, he asked me for my email address so we could continue our conversation.  I figured why not, email addresses are a dime a dozen, I could get a new one if he turned out to be a stalker. I gave it to him and he emailed me first with the subject line saying, “Three Wishes”.    In his email, he described himself first and then asked me the three things I want out of life.  What would be my three wishes?   I had responded to him honestly, telling him that my crush on the photographer at my job had gotten out of control, and that is when I realized that I needed to get out of the office more.   So my three wishes were distraction, inhibition and vacation.  

He had responded and said that he could give me all three of my wishes through email.  He wooed me and wowed me with his bedtime stories.  First, he emailed me and explained how he would tuck me in at night.  And there was no sex in the email at all.  That was a shock.   It was about making sure that I was comfortable.  When all I could email back was wow, he came back with Wish 1 for distraction granted.   Our conversations continued and I had to say that he managed to grant all of my wishes.  Which was why I invited him to the party in the first place. 

We had exchanged emails for months, and Halloween had been the perfect time to finally hook up.  I was not looking for a date, I told him that up front, I was just severely missing male companionship.  We had exchanged emails, a few racy bedtime stories, and instant messaged each other a few times.  But no pictures.  We did not want the off chance of spotting each other on the street and making the situation awkward.   

I had taken the day off just to get ready for the event, and I can admit, it was more nerves that anything.  I have never been a pursuer, and I surely don’t consider myself to be a seductress, but my mystery man had made me feel comfortable from the start.   As I stood there, I felt myself get warm thinking about some of the last few emails we shared.  He told me that the need to see me was unbearable at this point.  I told him that I would be going to a Halloween party given by a co-worker.   It would be in a sports bar, so it should be pretty inconspicuous, if he just so happened to drop by.    

So I sat, waiting for him to show up and watching the door like a maniac stalker when I felt a leather glove brush against my exposed lower back.  What the hell?  I turned around and there he was, my Zorro, with the most amazing green eyes.   They were the color of wet emeralds, and they were watching me in amusement.   I smiled a half smile and he winked at me.   My Zorro put his gloved index finger to his lips and walked to the front door.  

            Citygirl6: So what happened?

            Presskitten: Everything.

            Citygirl6: What do you mean everything?  What is everything?

            Presskitten: How much time  do you got and you may need some tissue and perhaps your buzzing boyfriend later…

            Citygirl6: No Way!

            Presskitten:  Just listen to the rest of the story…

In pursuit, I was not prepared for the blast of October air that hit me.   Neither were my nipples.  They hardened tightly against the patent leather costume and almost made me groan out loud.  Yet, I had no time to be uncomfortable.  My mystery man was around the corner in the alley.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you are thinking, Ewwww… right?  Don’t knock it until you try it! All bitchiness aside, I grew up in this neighborhood, I was in Minnesota, and there was no trouble, I could take care of myself. 

But I soon saw him standing at the far end of the alley, near a pile of crates and a dumpster.  As I walked toward him casually, there was a motorcycle parked against the brick wall.  As I walked up to him, I knew that this Zorro was all mine tonight.

“What, no white horse?” I said when I finally stood face to face with him.  

He chuckled and gave me the same smile he gave when we were inside.  It was funny, in email, he was so forward and so direct.  Yet, he had not said one word since meeting in person.

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him.  His gaze was enchanting.  Yes, it does sound so melodramatic, but in my shoes, if you saw the way his eyes were colliding with the crude alley lamp and the hungry glare in his eyes, you would faint too. 

He stared at my eyes for the longest moment, each second seemed like pure torture.   Who was this man and how could he have this affect on me?  He hand on my waist, he pushed himself closer to me.  He smelled so good.  I was intoxicated from his scent.  It was rich, clean, a mix of soap and after-shave.  I inhaled his scent and let his fingers trace figure eights over my body.  Yes, yes.  All of this, in an alley.

            Citygirl6: Tell me you didn’t?  please tell me you did not let him maul you in the alley?

            Presskitten:  I wasn’t mauled.  I liked it and I wanted to. Remember, my wish was for                                            no inhibition.

That was exactly what I remembered when his hand went into the waistline of the suit.  I could feel his fingers swift with the zipper and soon the flat of my tummy was exposed to the night air.  I sucked in air through my teeth and waited.  Then he finally spoke.

            “No inhibitions.” His voice was deep, husky and delicious.  It was like listening to Miles Davis on his horn.   It was melodious and teasing.  And it put me in a trance. 

I watched silently as his fingers worked into my pants and around the string bikini I was wearing.  There was nothing more arousing than watching someone work for pleasing me.  I was aroused watching his long fingers work, but I almost buckled when his flesh touched my small triangle of pubic hair.  Oh, there was no turning back at this point.  I needed this.

His fingers were warm despite the cold air.  They touched and molded me into silly putty and I gasped for air when he reached my pulsating nether lips. 

            Citygirl6: He fingered you in the alley?

            Presskitten: It was more like three fingers, but it felt good.

            Citygirl6:  In the alley?

            Presskitten: Yes, in the alley, three fingers up my twat.

            Citygirl6: You got some nerve.

            Presskitten:  Do you want to hear the rest of the story?

Zorro took his sweet time entering my wet channel.  He teased and toyed with my opening, letting his middle finger rest on my clit while his other two fingers worked my opening.  I was wet and ready for more.   As he worked, I saw my breaths suspended in the cold night air.  I groaned and arched and that is when his fingers slipped into my hole.  My insides started to throb around his thick digits.  As he pushed and pulled, he pressed his fingertips upwards to my g-spot. I was going to cum fast and hard. 

I grabbed onto his silk black shirt and pulled him close.  I closed my eyes and hide my face in his neck.  Zorro speeded up his pace and before I knew it, I was spiraling off the precipice into euphoric oblivion. As the waves of the orgasm subsided, I noticed a small brown mole under Zorro’s chin.  I know I had seen that mole somewhere before.

I released my hold on Zorro’s shirt and waited for my breathing to return to normal.  Zorro removed his fingers from me and licked them.  It was quite erotic to watch him savor my flavor as they say. As he smiled this half quirk of a smile, I knew that I knew him.

            Citygirl6: Of course you knew him, you had been talking to him for months.

            Presskitten:  That is not what I am talking about.  I know him before the online madness.

            Citygirl6:  Get out of here!?

            Presskitten: Yes, it was…

            “Sean!  What are you doing here? I mean I know what you are doing, but…”

Yes, it is was Sean, the photographer that I had been crushing on for a year.  There he was, standing there, looking kind of sheepish behind his mask, but his green eyes were flickering with raw emotions.  Why had I never noticed that his eyes were that green before?  Oh that is right, he was constantly wearing glasses at the office.

            “I am sorry Tyra, I thought you wouldn’t go for me if you knew who I was.”

            “Come on!  I have been wanting you for a year.  But, why didn’t you come clean when I told you I had a crush on a photographer that I worked with?”

            “I liked the games and the stories. I didn’t want to lose that when you found out who I was.”

            “Would you like to continue the game?”  

            Citygirl6: Oh my! Ty, what are you going to do now?

            Presskitten: Cook him brunch, we are famished.


2 thoughts on “Free Read Quickie – Behind the Masks (Rated M for Mature)

  1. The instant messaging and then the story lines, all intermixed were captivating. It was almost like a screen play. I enjoyed the story and the way it was told. As far as your latest post about being an interracial erotic writer, I find that to be too erotic (almost). As a white male I would love to experience the sight of watching myself slide into a caramel colored honey after tasting her intimately.


    1. Hi Trip ,
      Almost too erotic? That is a first…lol, sometimes I get accused of not being erotic/hot enough. Yeah, I think it started as a screenplay in my head, and it evolved into something completely and totally off the wall, but who doesn’t like the idea of a masked being taking care of there pleasures???


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