New eBook by Nevea Lane – Stunt 101 Available Now at BTP

Stunt 101 by Nevea Lane



It’s been eight years since Ambrosia Davies last laid eyes on Wyatt Arachard. Eight years of trying to inspire the same adrenaline rush Wyatt gave her with a mere look from his smoke-gray eyes. Ambrosia thinks she might have found the rush needed working as a stunt woman in Hollywood. She’s willing to risk her life to keep the thoughts of Wyatt and his sexy dimple at bay.

Wyatt Arachard works as a bodyguard for the newest Hollywood diva. The kicker? The diva is a spoiled thing who won’t even walk from point “a” to point “b”—how in the hell is she going to be in an action movie? Hire a stuntwoman, of course. When Wyatt tries to do his job and keep the diva out of trouble, he ends up grabbing the very woman who’s consumed his thoughts for the past eight years—Ambrosia Davies.

Will Ambrosia still feel the same jolt after laying eyes on Wyatt again? Wyatt has to prove that he’s the only excitement that Ambrosia will ever want or need. Will Ambrosia let Wyatt teach her a few new stunts?


Ambrosia had no idea what came over Wyatt at that moment, but she could get used to him picking her up. His strong, toned arms held her tight, and she knew he wouldn’t let her go. She contemplated spraining her ankle every once in a while just to have the man carry her around from place to place.

That was when Ambrosia realized the track her mind was following. It was thinking permanency, attaching herself to him for the long haul. When Wyatt finally put her down, her body protested at the loss of his body heat. Ambrosia almost fell into her trailer instead of using the graceful walk she thought she possessed. Being around Wyatt made her forget a lot of things, like her name.

If you want to see what happens, check out Stunt 101, available now at Beautiful Trouble Publishing.


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