Ronni’s Romanian – Available Now

First, I would like to give a special thanks to a few people that made me really love this book…

It wouldn’t have happened had I not stumbled across this:

This is the article that brought Lucian to me.  I was reading this post and the name Lucian came into my head.  And then he started to talk… So special thanks to Julie Jordan and her  Character Chart (

Jayha… you rock lady, you took that book through the ringer line by line and made each one sparkle.

The editors – both of you, I don’t know what to say but thank you, I love y’all and I’m so so glad to have you at BTP.

Last but not least, to Ronni and Lucian for sticking with me even when I had major writer’s block.

Now… go and get it!

Buy Now!



6 thoughts on “Ronni’s Romanian – Available Now

  1. Congratulations again! Very exciting! Very excited for you!!
    Have you started the sequel yet?
    You’re right – characterizations can not be taken lightly.
    My first book, ‘Janelle’s Time’ is due out next month, with 2 sequels and a spinoff not far behind!


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