So Amusing – Midnight Muse by R.W. Shannon (A Review)

Going on a trip to Greece never seemed so appealing until now!  In Midnight Muse, R.W. Shannon gets you wrapped up in a tale of how a terrible first meeting can turn into something more.

Grace Bower was on a working vacation to the beautiful Greece isle of Rhodes.  She rented a cottage from whom she thought would be a short and balding man.  The man who opened the door was a one-eighty from what she assumed.

No, the man who opened the door was a six-foot three, blue-eyed mix of Greek and Italian.  Can you say delicious?  (If you can’t I sure can). Oh, you didn’t say it yet? Get this, his name is Evander Vicenti.  Now, can you say double delicious?  With a name like that, how could this man be anything but FinE with a capital F and E.   Yep, F’in’E… he’s hot and can speak four languages.  I so want one of these!

After getting off on the wrong foot, these two must battle past their differences to even be in the same room with each other.

R.W. spins such a delightful tale.  The  little nuances that are so real life with such things like: Grace says ”So what’s my ringtone” and a scene about talking on the phone while going to the bathroom, you have to read this book for a good laugh, a nice sigh and not to mention hot and heavy making love sessions that will leave your glasses steamed. And well, I almost teared up a little and I’m not telling why but a hint: it was a photo (I’m a sap).

Get this book, seriously, go now…why are you still here? Click the book below to go and get it.  Off you go!

Midnight Muse by R.W. Shannon

7 thoughts on “So Amusing – Midnight Muse by R.W. Shannon (A Review)

  1. I was enraptured by this story. I felt as though I was in Rhodes, the breeze from the ocean, the jostling of the rural road as you sped along. in a tiny convertible as olive grove after olive grove stood sentinel.
    A rocky start to romance that is at times funny as each realizes that love can happen in a moment.


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