REVIEW – Chocolate Surprise by Gynger Fyer


I don’t know what type of novels most people prefer, and no, I’m not talking about genre. I’m speaking of ’emotional’ novels, ‘true-to-life’ novels, fun or silly novels.  Do you like stories that move you or do you like something to get you through your lunch break?

This isn’t one of those books you want to sit down and just whip through and forget about.  Author Gynger Fyer tackles a ‘real-life’ issue, especially for older couples.  Most of us read about heroes and heroines that are mid twenties to mid-thirties, but what about those couples that are in their fifties? Or even a better question, what about those May-December romances that start with a bang, but what happens after twenty years of marriage? To put it plainly, is the sex still hot after all that time?   Can your body keep up with your younger partner’s sex drive?

Michael is the hero in this story.  He is in great shape, he coaches college football after all.  He loves his beautiful wife, and their sex drives have always been high.  But Michael in his late-fifties, and all of a sudden, the magic stops happening.  It isn’t that he doesn’t want to make love to his beautiful wife Carmen, his soldier just decided to take a leave of absence.

Carmen loves her husband deeply, madly, and truly  but she becomes desperate when he refuses to get help.  Typical as it sounds, but what man wants to go to the doctor and tell him that he ‘can’t perform?’.   Gynger Fyer  weaves us through the what-if’s from both the hero’s and the heroine‘s point of view.   The depth of the characters are obvious as the story unfolds.  You will understand and empathize with the fact that Carmen decides to take matters into her own hands, with the help of a bit of chocolate.

This is a great story and was definitely a surprise to me as a voracious reader. I was pulled in by not only the hot opening sex scene, but I also began to think about the things after the ‘happily ever after’.

Awesome read by an awesome author.  Make sure you stop by Beautiful Trouble Publishing and pick up Chocolate Surprise.


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