Book Review – Accidental Lovers by Naomi Jones

I just finished Accidental Lovers by Naomi Jones on Kindle for Android! This is a late night post but I needed to share with the world how much I loved this book. Two jilted exes meet at the wedding of their exes. Wow right? This book starts with the drama from page one. First, the hero, Brent is a handsome man who works hard but loves harder. He was so attentive to the heroine the simple things he said made me sigh. Brent was so refreshing as a hero because throughout the book he admitted his mistakes but he went after Ailey with a fierce passion. And the love scenes were so tastefully done I need a hot bath and a glass of wine. The story of these two was that they came to each other out of a pure need to sleep and be held, but they became so much more. I don’t want to give too much away but man…Ailey and Brent are a hell of a sexy pair and all romance junkies like myself should go get this book. Go now…and get some wine ready.


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