Eight Ball, Side Pocket by Nevea Lane (Adult Excerpt – Rated Spicy *Menage*)

Excerpt from Eight Ball Side Pocket is Up and we are having a party at TRS! Pop on over to say hello!

Release Parties @ TRS


Nicole looked at the black pool table and the cue ball staring up at her and knew that this shot would decide her fate. There was too much at stake for her to flub this shot. Dante had been the one to suggest that they play for higher stakes tonight. Sighing, Nicole looked at Dante, who was bizarrely watching her every move. Damn him with his mischievous green eyes and jet black hair. Her biggest issue with Dante was that he always smiled at her as if he knew all of her secrets. He was constantly trying to set her off. According to him, she was at her best when she was flustered. She’d rolled her eyes at the thought because around those two she was always flustered.

Dante and Nathaniel had been inseparable since she met them. She never saw one without the other in tow. She found out…

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