Party Of Four by Nevea Lane | Shara Azod – Adventures in Erotic Literature

Party of Four by Nevea Lane
Party of Four by Nevea Lane


“This is for you, Kailee. Open your mouth.” Charles’ accented voice was close to her ear, and she didn’t really give a damn about anything but the comforting massage Chad was giving her. Her lips parted, and she felt the tip of a strawberry caress her tongue. Tickling the tip of the strawberry just a bit before she bit into it, Kailee moaned as the fresh fruit hit her taste buds. Her cravings had hinged on strawberries lately, and the taste of the red fruit only relaxed her more. If they were going to massage her and feed her strawberries, she didn’t need a huge party. She would have been content sitting still right here.

“Delicious, I bet. Let me taste.” Kailee didn’t have time to think as she felt Charles’ lips press against hers, softly at first, his tongue licking the corner of her mouth before his lips firmly pressed against hers. Her gasp quickly turned into a moan as his lips gently worked against hers.

“I’ve wondered what your lips taste like, Kailee. It’s my turn.” Phillips’ voice sounded needy and full of desire. She felt the half-bitten strawberry trace her lips again before a different set of lips descended onto hers, encasing her mouth with gentle pressure. His mouth worked over hers, dancing from the top lip to the bottom lip until she was breathless.

Here is a new quick hot read from yours truly.


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