NEW RELEASE – A Lesson in Trust

NEW RELEASE – A Lesson in Trust

A Lesson in Trust Available Now!
A Lesson in Trust Available Now!

Let’s take a journey on a different path.  Instead of the boy meets girl, I’ve penned a tale about married people and one of the issues any married couple must work through.

This is the first work in a new line that I’m creating called Nevea’s Naughty Nibbles.  These works are short, thus being just a ‘nibble’.  At just above 4K, this is a nice little ‘quickie’ to start your weekend off right and darn right hot.

Blurb – Raine loves her husband with her heart, yet after ten years of marriage, she still can’t seem to trust him. Richard would walk to the ends of the earth and back for his wife, but having him followed by a private investigator was the last damn straw. To gain his wife’s trust, Richard resorts to a new measure.


Raine led the way up the stairs of their townhouse and walked into their bedroom. Richard was right behind her.

“Sit on the bed.” Richard’s tone was dark, confidant and kind of sexy to her ears. The air became thick with tension. Raine took a deep breath and complied. The room was still dark. All she could hear was Richard’s quick movements. As Raine sat on the corner of their pillow-top mattress, she wondered why she was even here. It was obvious that she had some issues. Richard was a great catch, a good guy, and here she was, trying her damndest to trust him when he hadn’t done anything to deserve her scrutiny.  It wouldn’t do any good to try to make him have patience. Ten years is a long time to finally admit the fact that one doesn’t trust their husband and for no damn good reason.

“Close your eyes.” Richard’s voice sliced through her thoughts. It was still commanding, but now it sounded like no more than a whisper. His closeness made her shudder. The tingles running up her spine excited her, but she didn’t want to close her eyes.

“Richard, I don’t think…” Raine couldn’t finish because his hand clamped over her mouth.

“You had your time to think; now it is my turn. Close. Your. Eyes. Raine.” Each syllable from Richard’s mouth was clipped and powerful. Raine’s eyes fluttered closed, and she took a deep breath. Her adrenaline rushed through her body. She could feel small beads of perspiration forming on the nape of her neck. Who was this commanding man, and where had her husband gone?




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