Writing and Writhing, and The Color of Love Blog Hop

Business first – This post is a part of the Color of Love Blog Hop hosted by the lovely Kiru Taye, Empi Baryeh, and Nana Prah.  If you haven’t read their works, where have you been?  Go buy one, now, don’t worry, this post will still be here when you get back….

Back now?  Ok, great!  Welcome! Now, for this lovely blog hop there are prizes, glorious prizes!

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CLICK ME Prize Pack for Color of Love Blog Hop


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Writing and writhing.  It is sometimes the same dang thing if you ask me.  We can writhe in pain and we can write in pain .  We can write in joy and we can writhe in joy.   What is my point?  My point is, writhing is a part of the writing process.   It is alas, a labor of love.  The most beautiful part of writing is that we have control of what we create.  I create multicultural and interracial romances not because it is becoming popular, but because it is what I live.   Multicultural and Interracial romances were hard to find three years ago. You had to be on the ‘in-crowd’ to know what authors who were doing it right.   You couldn’t just go into Amazon and find the category.  Thank God for places like All Romance Ebooks that had a section just for interracial ebooks!  (Side note, when I first started devouring MC/IR books, there was only about 50 pages of IR/MC of books on All Romance Ebooks, now there is at least 150, way to go fam!)  Now, knowing this is a  niche, a niche that everyone may not get into, one must realize that I don’t write for the money.   This isn’t about sales.  It never really was about how many followers I gained, nor about how many books I could write.  I started writing this way because I had a story to tell.

While most of my stories are quite kinky, well ok, most are quite kinky, they are often metaphors for real life plights.   Do I focus on the fact that my characters are different races and make it a huge issue that race is the only thing moving the story?  Absolutely not, because race has never moved my life.  Do I consider race when writing?  Yes, but only in the most Jungian ways; skin tones that create contrasts when the hero and the heroine are coupled together.  Does the contrast of different skin tones turn people on? Of course! But don’t we deal enough with race issues just by waking up in the morning that we all don’t need to read about it in our books; aren’t our books supposed to be an ‘escape’ from reality?

Speaking of escaping reality, my newest short story, Prima Materia, deals with vampyres but they are dealing with some real human emotions.   I don’t dip into fantasy often, but something about carrying an emotion for more than a human lifetime inspired me to write this little ditty.

Prima Materia by Nevea Lane
Prima Materia by Nevea Lane
Fatima had an immense amount of time to think being over three hundred years old. When she wasn’t administering her own version of justice, preternatural style, she was thinking of only one other being: Pero Franco, her sire and her lover. Although she’d hadn’t lain sight on him in over two hundred years, her love for him still ruled over everything. Pero’s disappearing act turned her into the cold vampyre she was, and only Pero could save her from her loneliness. A part of her wanted to tear him limb from limb, and the other wanted to caress every inch of his skin. Can Fatima find peace once she comes face to face of the one that created her and abandoned her?

Writing has always been a process, sometimes it is hard because we have to deal with our own personal issues in them; whether that be finding time to write, editing (which is a whole other beast) marketing, picking covers, and trying not to assault your characters because they refuse to do what you want them to do.   The writing process can also be fun and yet still make you writhe.  Another book I had extreme fun writing but made me writhe in pain because of the issue of divorce and trust was A Lesson in Trust: 

A Lesson in Trust
A Lesson in Trust

This book is about a married couple finding a new way to save their relationship.  This is a part of my Nevea’s Naughty Nibbles line, a collection of short stories that give you the kink and the passion without the full course meal.   Check it out, it well be a 1.50 well spent. 😉

That’s it for me on this rant and tangent, there will be more, well unless the muses decide to intervene once again.  Take care, happy reading, and check out some of the other authors in the blog hop!

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4 thoughts on “Writing and Writhing, and The Color of Love Blog Hop

  1. I love books where the couple are married. There’s just something about two people discovering each other in that setting. Thanks for being part of the hop 🙂


  2. It’s great that the MC/IR sub-genre is now more widely read. That means there are more awesome authors like you (and me, too) contributing to it. I enjoyed the fun. Thank you for participating in the Color of Love Blog Hop.


  3. I for one am loving how popular IR/Multicultral romance has become, I tell you I can read about all groups of people when it comes to romance but there is something special when some things are processed with like pov and the herione or hero hands slips through hair described like yours. Everyone likes to relate in someway sometimes and there is nothing wrong with that!


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