Time to Clean Up my Act (but not too clean)

*looks around the place* Seems abandoned, dusty, old, tired. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. This was a place for dreams, fantasies, world building and demon-slaying, now it looks like those abysmal abandoned buildings you see on those ‘Abandoned Series’ photos. I’ve done you all a disservice, perhaps I have done myself a disservice, but life happens. With that being said, life is about pursuing what makes you happy. Happiness, that is that elusive thing that we all chase. Whether it be in love or lust, what we are looking for is happiness. Which brings me to my point, this was supposed to a place of happiness, not looking a clip from Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams
So, for this short, little 140 word post, I am telling you, stay tuned and watch out. I am back.


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