Deeper Than You Think – REVIEW – Ethereal Girls by Noah Murphy

Ethereal Girls by Noah Murphy

For my regular followers, I tend to be off topic, a bit whimsical, and quite personally, it is my blog, I can do what I want.   That being said, I bring to you not a romance but something completely different.  Mr. Noah Murphy has penned a tale of action, intrigue and your sooooo atypical heroine.

This book got me from Chapter One.   The heroine, Liza Emory, sounds like a typical sixteen year old.  Cheerleader, just got her license, has to study for a huge Math test.  That is until she wrecks her car in the front of a mall, a mysterious axe appears in her backseat, two reptilian helpers named Jonola and Phoenix become her allies.  All hell breaks loose in the first five pages, so don’t blink or skip pages!

Now, why do I say this is deeper than you think?  Think about it, a sixteen year-old girl is drafted into the National Hero Corps (According to the Revised Hero Recruitment Act of 1997).  “If you resist you’ll be branded a villain and will be hunted down and sent to a prison for people like us….”  Can you imagine having no choice in being a hero?  Can you imagine women being drafted?

This is an action packed Sci-fi read.  No, it isn’t romance, but hell, who needs romance when you have an axe-wielding super-girl that puts the chicks in Sucker Punch to shame.   I don’t know if Mr. Murphy intended for this to be political satire, but in a way it is.  It even takes jabs at internet trolls and the new ‘e-thugging’ era.  “They can’t speak,” Meadow said, “but if you give them a keyboard, they don’t shut up.”  Let’s face it, there are some people out there that have no backbone until they have a keyboard in front of them.

Give the book a shot. It is deeper than you think.




REVIEW – Chocolate Surprise by Gynger Fyer


I don’t know what type of novels most people prefer, and no, I’m not talking about genre. I’m speaking of ’emotional’ novels, ‘true-to-life’ novels, fun or silly novels.  Do you like stories that move you or do you like something to get you through your lunch break?

This isn’t one of those books you want to sit down and just whip through and forget about.  Author Gynger Fyer tackles a ‘real-life’ issue, especially for older couples.  Most of us read about heroes and heroines that are mid twenties to mid-thirties, but what about those couples that are in their fifties? Or even a better question, what about those May-December romances that start with a bang, but what happens after twenty years of marriage? To put it plainly, is the sex still hot after all that time?   Can your body keep up with your younger partner’s sex drive?

Michael is the hero in this story.  He is in great shape, he coaches college football after all.  He loves his beautiful wife, and their sex drives have always been high.  But Michael in his late-fifties, and all of a sudden, the magic stops happening.  It isn’t that he doesn’t want to make love to his beautiful wife Carmen, his soldier just decided to take a leave of absence.

Carmen loves her husband deeply, madly, and truly  but she becomes desperate when he refuses to get help.  Typical as it sounds, but what man wants to go to the doctor and tell him that he ‘can’t perform?’.   Gynger Fyer  weaves us through the what-if’s from both the hero’s and the heroine‘s point of view.   The depth of the characters are obvious as the story unfolds.  You will understand and empathize with the fact that Carmen decides to take matters into her own hands, with the help of a bit of chocolate.

This is a great story and was definitely a surprise to me as a voracious reader. I was pulled in by not only the hot opening sex scene, but I also began to think about the things after the ‘happily ever after’.

Awesome read by an awesome author.  Make sure you stop by Beautiful Trouble Publishing and pick up Chocolate Surprise.

Coming Soon to Mocha Memoirs Press

Are you looking for a short and hot read, something like a shot of espresso to your senses?  How about something that will get you going and in the mood like your favorite cup of coffee? Look for Java Rain, by yours truly coming soon to Mocha Memoirs Press and an eReader near you.  

Java Rain by Nevea Lane

Aquarian Stars by Nevea Lane – Available Now


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Nikolas Perminov’s assignment in America was finished. His project was a success, and now he could go home to his beloved Russia and hide behind his telescope. He couldn’t help to feel a sense of loss when he realized his assignment being finished meant that he would no longer see his assistant, Eloise. He was sure that Eloise didn’t look at him as a man but as her bore of a boss.

Eloise, however, couldn’t get to sleep at night without thinking about her sexy boss and those azure eyes that hid behind his glasses. If it were up to her, she would throw herself at him and make him whisper Russian phrases in her ear. She also knew that being the hellion she was, she would never fit into his organized world. With one night left together, these two will need help from the stars to see they are perfect for each other.

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Welcome Lenise Lee – Simone: Second Chances


Ms. Lee has stopped by to share with us a tantalizing tidbit of her book, Simone: Second Chances.

Simone: Second Chances by Lenise Lee

How often does a second opportunity to win over our heart’s desire come long?  In real life, probably not as often as it should or as frequently as we hope for.  In Simone: Second Chances, I have granted such a wish to my leading lady and the man who has secretly loved her for quite a while.  

This new tale from my wandering thoughts also gives me a chance to pursue the same. Before this story, it had been far too long since I desired to become wrapped up with love and all of its curiosities and rewards.  When my attention turned  to my second go-round with Simone, there was finally a spark to return to the sweet and spicy side of romance.  While drafting this piece, I had to learn to fall in love all over again with the wonderful possibilities and the tender affections that true love can offer.  

As always, thank you for your time and your support, Dear Reader.  True love and happiness to you all..always..LL ♥♥

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We all deserve a second chance to get it right, especially in matters ofthe heart. Simone has been granted such a wish. After a secret and brief affair with a man in her office, she struggles both with her ongoing attraction to him and the guilt of her indiscretion. Will the object of her affection be able to ease her worries and convince her that he is truly the man she should take a chance on loving?  READ MORE HERE

You can contact Ms. Lee at the addresses below.  Contact her, she is cool people!

Lenise Lee Publications

Hell's Angels by R.W. Shannon

How Do you Talk to an Angel? – A Book Review of Hell’s Angels by R.W. Shannon

How can a demon fall in love with an angel?  Better yet, how can an angel fall in love with a demon?   Talk about an against all odds type of love, right?!  Somehow the talented R.W. takes us on that journey…  It makes us ask, what would you do for love?   I don’t want to give away too much of the book, but let me say this… R.W. can make a fight scene into the sexiest most erotic scenes.  Imagine yourself battling against the man you love, engaged in a hot and heavy sword fight, and the next thing you know you are kissing him?

Yes , that right there ladies and gentlemen are the things that naughty fantasies are made of.  Go pick up a copy and raise a little hell in your life.

Click on the book to purchase.

Pause for PSA – Cheesecake, oh Cheesecake: How Great Thou Art

My absolute favorite person, my own personal mini-me is baking up a storm…presenting….Drea Riley’s Cheesecake Commotion

What is she baking you ask, and I’m so glad you did… because what this woman makes is phenomenal, as a writer, a baker and a friend.   Can you just imagine, curling up with one of Drea Riley’s books with a slice of Drea Riley’s cheesecake and a cup of coffee?

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What is she making?  A list of flavors you say?

    • Plain
    • Pineapple
    • Red Velvet
    • Pumpkin
    • Sweet Potato
    • Almond Amaretto
    • Chocolate Silk
    • Peanut Butter

Why is she doing this?  Because she is that talented!

All of the cakes will be hand-made with fresh REAL ingredients and frozen prior to shipping.  This is almost a 4lb cheesecake! 75.00 for a one of kind experience.  The 75.00 USD also includes shipping in dry ice. She is also offering cookies and fudge.  Drop Ms. Drea an email and see what she can do for you.
All payments must be received before an order is started. (payments must be made via paypal. The address is please indicate payment is for cheesecake and what flavor and your email address)