Getting Closer, well at least to her name.

I am getting closer to her name.  I have narrowed it down based on the research that I have done on name meanings.

I am a firm believer in the fact that the character name really does reflect who they are as a person.  I am not going to name someone Rose if she is not as pretty as a Rose.  Wait, no, I take that back, if I am trying to purposely inject some serious irony, then yeah, sure go for it, otherwise, I don’t do it.   

So I have narrowed it down to at least four names that I think would work for the idea of the female lead.  I think I already have her last name picked out as well.  Perhaps some writers can fly by the seat of their pants and let their character’s name themselves, and I envy you, I really do. Can’t you see me green with envy…?

Really, I can’t write until I have a name.  Yet, that is my quirk, names, astrological signs, all of it, all of it plays into how I mold my character.  After I mold them, I will try to create a situation that will test them on all fronts and challenge all of their issues.  

With that being said, did you see the poll below?  Take it and let me know what you think the name should be, or suggest one of your own, I am open to all ideas.

Then maybe, just maybe I can begin to write the story!  Wish me luck…


Missing the Heroine…Who can live up to the standard?

Here I am sitting now with a huge dilemma on my hands.  I need to figure out who is going to be the love interest of the complex male character that I created.   Lucian is a complex character.  He isn’t exactly an Alpha but isn’t exactly a Beta either.   

The problem comes in is trying to develop a female that can deal with all of his dark moods, his quirks, his lack of talking and not be a total pushover either.  She has to care for Lucian but at the same time she needs to be her own woman where getting Lucian to come out of his shell is not all that she is living for.

I suppose the first thing is first is that I need to figure out her name.  A name can really shape the character.  I love characters being able to have a nickname as well.  So something that doesn’t sound so bland yet gives her character.    I think all the gemstones have been over done.  Diamond, Ruby, Jade… I could name her Amethyst but that isn’t going to work.

I am starting with what I want the name to mean and narrow it down from there.  I am looking for something that means “silent warrior” or something similar.  That is what she is, a silent warrior, she would have to be to get this hard rock that I created in Lucian.  

How hard can it be coming up with a character that can match him? Well, she would have to be someone who is the opposite of him in order for there to be some sort of conflict there.   She has to be someone who is more of a cat person than a dog person.  Or more family oriented considering that Lucian doesn’t have any.    Someone who adores her friends where Lucian is a recluse. 

Yet, at the same time, she has to be someone who can be taught what a quiet night is like, and someone who can appreciate the things about Lucian that he can’t change and won’t change.  

She would have to be just as complex as Lucian, but with her emotions more on the surface.  That is a problem because that would mean I would need to study someone who is the opposite of me.  I am more like Lucian!  

To the drawing board I go… wish me luck!

Researching Characters

Map of Romania
Map of Romania

I find myself in an interesting spot.  I am researching a character.  Usually, I  base my character on people I have met in my life,  I use their mannerisms and their speech patterns to mold this character that turns out to be a mish-mash of personas.   Not this time.

I am attempting to make my stories more engaging, more emotionally charged, just more… where it isn’t full of one-liners and quips that don’t give the reader any type of perception on who the character is or what they are comprised of.  I found that I wanted the hero to be a foreigner.

I thought Italian, then quickly pushed that one out of my head.  It’s been done.  I thought French, and then I thought, ehhh no, I needed something grittier, someone edgy…something not done before, or not really seen before.  I settled on Romanians.  

Why?  I am not quite sure except that a name caught me.  Covaci.  It was the perfect last name for the character I had in mind.  Covaci means “ironmaker”.  I wanted this particular hero to be iron-like, steel edged.  His name just fell into my lap.  Yet,  I realized I do not know a single Romanian and don’t know what type breed they even are. There, the research began.

Of course I started with Wikipedia.  I quickly went on to surfing blogs.  I stumbled upon a now defunct blog that spoke of dating Romanian men.  Low and behold, my first hunch was right, they have sort of a steel edge to thm, players of the game, yet when they are emotionally engaged, they are engaged.  Well, that is one opinion according to the blog of course.  

I didn’t realize that researching where your character is supposed to come from helps move the story.  I was more of a fly by the pants writer, I didn’t plot, just wrote.  Yet, I have found that the research that goes into a character well help shape and form the story.  Now if the heroine would just come as easy. 

Stay tuned to see what happens to my new hero, Lucian Covaci. 

©Lucian Covaci is a fictional name and a fictional character created by Nevea Lane.  Any similarities to a real Lucian is strictly coincindental.