Coming Soon from Nevea Lane – Unexpected (A Paranormal)

It’s funny how the smallest details can get you into a world of trouble. For Dinah Jacobs, it was a small

cat. No problem, she didn’t fear stray cats, especially not as beautiful as the Siamese that was always

waiting for her when she got home. She fed her, gave her a name, and even bought her a flea collar.

That is where things went terribly wrong. The darn cat dashes into her mysterious neighbors home as

she was trying to get the collar around his neck. Trying to get the Siamese out of the neighbors house,

she discovers the cat mislead her. It wasn’t a stray. It belonged to the very dark, very brooding, very

handsome next door neighbor. Galien was more than what he appeared at first glance, but did she

want to stick around t find out what made him so unique? Galien wasn’t going to give her a choice. She

broke into his home, she was about to find out what happens when vampires get unexpected guests.


“Are you going to kill me?” she whispered. Galien was right. She wanted him, but she didn’t want to die for desire. Nothing was worth that.
“You’ve been to France, oui?”
She could only nod.
“Then you know what le petit mort means.”
She nodded again.
“And…?” he said, his fingers tracing a line under her jaw to her earlobe.
“It means the little death, or orgasm,” she said, her voice sounding small, helpless, breathless, and completely in need.
“Then, oui, I’m going to kill you over and over and over again.” His smile was sweet, his tone sincere…
NL_Unexpected - Cover


BLOG HOP-The Next Big Thing

Okay, I was tagged for the BLOG HOP- The Next Big Thing

Thank you to Kimmie Thomas from  Now, I’ve blogged and ranted, but I’ve never hopped, so this should really be fun.

The rules for the Blog Hop are as follows:

*****Give credit to the person/blog that tagged you

*****Post the rules for the blog hop

*****Answer these ten questions about the current WIP (Work in Progress) on your blog

*****Tag five other writers/bloggers and add their links so we can hop over and meet them.

Ten Interview Questions for the Nest Big Thing:

What is the working title of your book?

I’ve been real busy.  First there was Falling Leaves in Autumn which is out now.


Right now, I’ve submitted one story for a new series I am working on, Midnight and Mayhem.  It is my first foray into paranormal with a sexy vampire.  It is is the editing stage now.

Next on my list is a Christmas Domination tale that will be placed with a very special publishing house (Shara Azod, some of you may know her) I’m working on the plot line now, although I might need to  post some thoughts on my blog to get some feedback.  This one is going to be way way different and outside the box, so stay tuned for that.

Where did the idea come from for the book?

Like any fiction writer, I think a bit of our stories always involve real life scenarios.  Some of us write true to life scenarios and take only a bit of creative license.

What genre does your book fall under?

Romantica? Romance with a little Erotica? Erotic?  I can’t be pigeonholed but you can bet your bottom dollar it will be hot.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

I would love to see Eric Bana play Clark Pinot in Falling Leaves in Autumn..  He is so Clark  and I think I was watching him in an Adam Sandler movie when I came up with the character of Clark.

What is the one sentence synopsis of your book?

Never judge a book by its cover.

Will your book be self published or represented by an agency?

I use several publishers but my absolutely favorites are Beautiful Trouble Publishing, Mocha Memoirs Press and Shara Azod Presents.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

That depends on what manuscript I am working on.  I can write one in a week or take several months to draw it out.  For example, my free read, Private Dancer took me a year to write.  So I guess I should say that all depends.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

I think my books are more like movies.  Since I practice safe short writing I try to start with a bang and end with a bang.   So if I were to label my writing style it is like Crash or  Mobsters. 🙂

Who or What inspired you to write this book?

Falling Leaves in Autumn was inspired by life events.  I tried so hard to keep my husband a ‘late night snack’ he just kept getting into my heart and mind and eventually became my husband.

What else about your book might piqué the reader’s interest?

It is written in first person, but the characters do come alive.  I know that is the biggest issue with some who write in first person is getting to know the other characters.

The writers I’m tagging are:


Well That was fun…  I hope everyone can participate.


Coming Soon to Beautiful Trouble Publishing – Ronni’s Romanian by Nevea Lane

They are finally finished.   It took me a while to finish the character of Lucian Covaci.  It took me even longer to finish Ronni Cadell.  They were complex and slightly introverted characters that needed to be coaxed out of their shells.

So if you remember, I posted character write-ups on Lucian here.  So, after a year of developing him, his habits and even finding the perfect dog for him, he found a place to call home, and he found a face!

The wonderful thing about them having an identity is that their story can now be told.   Are you curious how they turned out?

Ronni Cadell’s business is in trouble, but she can hardly concentrate on her professional life when her mother is constantly trying to set her up on dates and nagging her about dying alone and miserable. 

Corporate raider Lucian Covaci knows Ronni’s business is floundering and she has been dodging his company’s attempts to sit her down and buy her out.  Although he’s normally the silent out-of-sight type owner, Lucian takes her elusiveness in his own hands.  Ronni can’t dodge Lucian when he waltzes into her charity fundraiser and places a ridiculously high bid for an hour of her time.

Ronni can’t believe her luck when Lucian places a bid for a tour of her company.  Lucian can’t believe he just acted so uncharacteristically just to meet a client.  Now Lucian must convince Ronni that his interest in her goes beyond just business.  

They will be out soon.  I’m glad you all stuck around to see the finished product.

Coming Soon – Disturbing the Yuletide from Beautiful Trouble Publishing

I’ve taken a different path.  I’ve written and submitted a Christmas story.  I don’t normally write seasonal themed stories because my family puts the ‘func’ in dysfunctional during the holiday season and I’m usually hell-bent on trying to avoid the holidays until I absolutely have to make an appearance.

Yet, for some reason, the title came to me first.  Disturbing the Yuletide came to me one morning while I was getting a playlist together for my day.  If you know me, you know I love my music!  So I was listening to Santana Black Magic Woman and something that our Fearless Leader at BTP mentioned came back to me: I should write a story concerning a female dj.  So I did.

So what happens when you mix an ex-special ops agent with a fly by the pants female DJ?  You get sparks flying and your yuletide disturbed.  Stay tuned….

My Interview at Fallen Angels Reviews and what’s coming from me.

My Interview…

I have my first interview posted ever.  Yeah me!   It is great to have your name out there and the wonderful women at Fallen Angel Reviews did a great job.  Check me out here: 

What’s Next…

So what is next for me you may be wondering?   Well up next I have another work coming out with BTP (Beautiful Trouble Publishing).    It is finding out what is going on with the oh-so-yummy Chase Daniels from Marked in Montana.   You don’t believe me that he is yummy?  Check out what the wonderful cover artist has created for Chased Through Montana….  




Isn’t this just delicious?


That should be coming soon, so stay tuned for that. 




And after that….

So what can you expect after that?   Right now I am working on The Romanian.  I know for certain that it will be longer that what I have previously published.   The character write-ups are in my pages if you haven’t peeped those yet.    

August’s Rush was contracted by Red Rose Publishing and added to their catalog recently.   Hopefully you will see something soon there as well.   

But for right now….

Well right now what you have got from me is a few free reads and a lot of W-I-P’s.  I hope you have enjoyed Private Dancer.  I had to get that out of my W-I-P pile.  

Right now though, I think I need a drink, a martini perhaps or a cosmo with some smooth jazz.  My creative muses have danced their asses right out the door and will only return after I have had a chance to unwind.  I have not had a chance to dissecting my favorite CD’s or re-watching some of my favorite DVD’s.    

After a much needed break, I will return at full blast with new free reads and newer publications.  Feel free to email me or comment if you have liked anything that you have seen by me.