Book Review – Accidental Lovers by Naomi Jones

I just finished Accidental Lovers by Naomi Jones on Kindle for Android! This is a late night post but I needed to share with the world how much I loved this book. Two jilted exes meet at the wedding of their exes. Wow right? This book starts with the drama from page one. First, the hero, Brent is a handsome man who works hard but loves harder. He was so attentive to the heroine the simple things he said made me sigh. Brent was so refreshing as a hero because throughout the book he admitted his mistakes but he went after Ailey with a fierce passion. And the love scenes were so tastefully done I need a hot bath and a glass of wine. The story of these two was that they came to each other out of a pure need to sleep and be held, but they became so much more. I don’t want to give too much away but man…Ailey and Brent are a hell of a sexy pair and all romance junkies like myself should go get this book. Go now…and get some wine ready.


Deeper Than You Think – REVIEW – Ethereal Girls by Noah Murphy

Ethereal Girls by Noah Murphy

For my regular followers, I tend to be off topic, a bit whimsical, and quite personally, it is my blog, I can do what I want.   That being said, I bring to you not a romance but something completely different.  Mr. Noah Murphy has penned a tale of action, intrigue and your sooooo atypical heroine.

This book got me from Chapter One.   The heroine, Liza Emory, sounds like a typical sixteen year old.  Cheerleader, just got her license, has to study for a huge Math test.  That is until she wrecks her car in the front of a mall, a mysterious axe appears in her backseat, two reptilian helpers named Jonola and Phoenix become her allies.  All hell breaks loose in the first five pages, so don’t blink or skip pages!

Now, why do I say this is deeper than you think?  Think about it, a sixteen year-old girl is drafted into the National Hero Corps (According to the Revised Hero Recruitment Act of 1997).  “If you resist you’ll be branded a villain and will be hunted down and sent to a prison for people like us….”  Can you imagine having no choice in being a hero?  Can you imagine women being drafted?

This is an action packed Sci-fi read.  No, it isn’t romance, but hell, who needs romance when you have an axe-wielding super-girl that puts the chicks in Sucker Punch to shame.   I don’t know if Mr. Murphy intended for this to be political satire, but in a way it is.  It even takes jabs at internet trolls and the new ‘e-thugging’ era.  “They can’t speak,” Meadow said, “but if you give them a keyboard, they don’t shut up.”  Let’s face it, there are some people out there that have no backbone until they have a keyboard in front of them.

Give the book a shot. It is deeper than you think.



REVIEW – Elixir of Wife (Dux Ducis Book 1) by Jeanie Johnson and Jaya Leigh

Elixir of Wife - To Buy, Click the Cover
Elixir of Wife – To Buy, Click the Cover

I was smart with this one.  Anything written by the duo of Johnson and Leigh, well, a woman needs to be prepared.  I had my night all planned out, a bottle of Ecco Domani Moscato, 3 chocolates, each picked out specifically by my mate.  After pouring us each a glass, I gave him the look.  You know, the look that says I’m about to read, please don’t breathe in my direction until I’m done sighing to myself and have put away the reading apparatus and glasses.

Let me tell you something about this book here, if you don’t love chocolate by the end of it, see a therapist; a good chocolate therapist.   Not only do they describe some of the most sin-inducing chocolate truffles in this book that made my mouth water, the things Nerva Imperatores does with this chocolate made me almost jealous.  I say almost because my mate likes to read on these things every once in a while and I’m not about to get paddled.

You see, Nerva Imperatores is a genius, a financial whiz, yet his way with chocolate is what has garnered his fame, and the attention of a choco-a-holic  named Sorpresa Venetia.   Now Sorpresa, have you ever met a character that you wonder, is this me, or perhaps a relative of mine?   There is a line in the book that sums it all up about Sopresa and Nerva:  “Originally, she’d only wanted Nerva for what he could do with cocoa and sugar but now she wanted him for what he could do to her heart: make it damn near beat out of her chest.”

Nerva was convinced he was setting up his Sopresa for someone else.  He’d convinced himself she was the perfect match, just not for him.    However, the way she barged into his life, demanded his chocolate, his time and his ear, he couldn’t help but to fall for her.  Yet, he’d already set in motion a plan that meant  Sopresa wasn’t his.

Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh always make a book worth the time it takes to read it.   The males are always so alpha they make you sweat just reading their names.  The women are strong and fearless and have no problem going for what they want, especially if  what they want is their man.

This book made me want two things:  to find a piece of chocolate that makes me want to do half the things that Nerva did with his chocolate, and to try to patiently wait for the Dux Ducis 2.

To buy the book, click that hot cover above, or take a browse around on: 

REVIEW – Chocolate Surprise by Gynger Fyer


I don’t know what type of novels most people prefer, and no, I’m not talking about genre. I’m speaking of ’emotional’ novels, ‘true-to-life’ novels, fun or silly novels.  Do you like stories that move you or do you like something to get you through your lunch break?

This isn’t one of those books you want to sit down and just whip through and forget about.  Author Gynger Fyer tackles a ‘real-life’ issue, especially for older couples.  Most of us read about heroes and heroines that are mid twenties to mid-thirties, but what about those couples that are in their fifties? Or even a better question, what about those May-December romances that start with a bang, but what happens after twenty years of marriage? To put it plainly, is the sex still hot after all that time?   Can your body keep up with your younger partner’s sex drive?

Michael is the hero in this story.  He is in great shape, he coaches college football after all.  He loves his beautiful wife, and their sex drives have always been high.  But Michael in his late-fifties, and all of a sudden, the magic stops happening.  It isn’t that he doesn’t want to make love to his beautiful wife Carmen, his soldier just decided to take a leave of absence.

Carmen loves her husband deeply, madly, and truly  but she becomes desperate when he refuses to get help.  Typical as it sounds, but what man wants to go to the doctor and tell him that he ‘can’t perform?’.   Gynger Fyer  weaves us through the what-if’s from both the hero’s and the heroine‘s point of view.   The depth of the characters are obvious as the story unfolds.  You will understand and empathize with the fact that Carmen decides to take matters into her own hands, with the help of a bit of chocolate.

This is a great story and was definitely a surprise to me as a voracious reader. I was pulled in by not only the hot opening sex scene, but I also began to think about the things after the ‘happily ever after’.

Awesome read by an awesome author.  Make sure you stop by Beautiful Trouble Publishing and pick up Chocolate Surprise.

REVIEW – Till Dawn by Thirteen


There is something about a book that reaches up and makes you stay up until two a.m. to finish it.   This is what happened to me when I first started reading Till Dawn by Thirteen.   I needed to get my writing juices flowing again, but I hit a wall.   I picked up my trusted cell phone, opened my Kindle app and saw the cover for Thirteen’s Till Dawn staring at me, beckoning me to open it.  The cover is eye catching enough.   The lovers embrace on the cover spoke of passion that was perfect for a late night read.

So I opened the page as was met with a stylistic prose that immediately caught my attention.  It opens with a forlorn man contemplating his life when he sees a beauty about to take the plunge off of a bridge.   I  don’t want to give too much away for this short and sweet read, but you become entangled in wondering in will she or won’t she jump?   I will tell you it isn’t a typical love story, but it has every element of a passionate love story that will make you sigh and yet keep you on the edge of your seat.   Thirteen has a way of weaving a story that not only makes the reader feel but it engrosses them in the story within a few short lines.

“Cal saw her first as a silhouette, there on the bridge, spotlighted under a streetlamp.  He paused at the sight, his heart thumping.”

I’m a big fan of novel first lines.  If the first line can grab your attention, then you don’t have to wait to delve into the meat of the book, it is right there for you.    The above first line was amazing and exhilarating   Can’t you already feel your heart pounding?

Speaking of heart pounding, the intimate scenes are so good, you find yourself sighing, and fanning yourself.   Another interesting thing to ask yourself  while reading, would you rather be the hero or the heroine in the lovemaking scene.  You’d have to read it to find out why I say that.  🙂

This was my first story that I’ve read by Thirteen.  I can guarantee you it won’t be my last.   Check out Till Dawn by Thirteen at Beautiful Trouble Publishing, you won’t regret it.

So Amusing – Midnight Muse by R.W. Shannon (A Review)

Going on a trip to Greece never seemed so appealing until now!  In Midnight Muse, R.W. Shannon gets you wrapped up in a tale of how a terrible first meeting can turn into something more.

Grace Bower was on a working vacation to the beautiful Greece isle of Rhodes.  She rented a cottage from whom she thought would be a short and balding man.  The man who opened the door was a one-eighty from what she assumed.

No, the man who opened the door was a six-foot three, blue-eyed mix of Greek and Italian.  Can you say delicious?  (If you can’t I sure can). Oh, you didn’t say it yet? Get this, his name is Evander Vicenti.  Now, can you say double delicious?  With a name like that, how could this man be anything but FinE with a capital F and E.   Yep, F’in’E… he’s hot and can speak four languages.  I so want one of these!

After getting off on the wrong foot, these two must battle past their differences to even be in the same room with each other.

R.W. spins such a delightful tale.  The  little nuances that are so real life with such things like: Grace says ”So what’s my ringtone” and a scene about talking on the phone while going to the bathroom, you have to read this book for a good laugh, a nice sigh and not to mention hot and heavy making love sessions that will leave your glasses steamed. And well, I almost teared up a little and I’m not telling why but a hint: it was a photo (I’m a sap).

Get this book, seriously, go now…why are you still here? Click the book below to go and get it.  Off you go!

Midnight Muse by R.W. Shannon
Hell's Angels by R.W. Shannon

How Do you Talk to an Angel? – A Book Review of Hell’s Angels by R.W. Shannon

How can a demon fall in love with an angel?  Better yet, how can an angel fall in love with a demon?   Talk about an against all odds type of love, right?!  Somehow the talented R.W. takes us on that journey…  It makes us ask, what would you do for love?   I don’t want to give away too much of the book, but let me say this… R.W. can make a fight scene into the sexiest most erotic scenes.  Imagine yourself battling against the man you love, engaged in a hot and heavy sword fight, and the next thing you know you are kissing him?

Yes , that right there ladies and gentlemen are the things that naughty fantasies are made of.  Go pick up a copy and raise a little hell in your life.

Click on the book to purchase.

Absolutely Delicious: Review of “A Valentine’s Day Love Story” by Delicious Thoughts


There are certain books or stories that make you say “ahhh, the perfect treat.” A Valentine’s Day Love Story by Delicious Thoughts is one of those books. In this short but sexy read you begin with tension as we encounter Sally, the heroine, standing in a garden, troubled. Is it because that she is engaged but not to the one she loves.  Her best friend, Georgina, knows this and aims to provide comic relief. I love the way the author inserts humor into a tension filled scenario. That is a skill that is much needed to deal with life’s dramas. You find yourself able to relate to the characters no matter what, well besides Gordon whom I think we all want to kick in the arse by the end of the story.  The tension mounting in the story built on top of the sexual tension the reader can feel as soon as you begin to turn the page. It is well worth the climatic ending. Pick up this title at Beautiful Trouble Publishing.