Friendly Neighbor…

This was probably the worse idea that Belle had ever came up with in her life. She had just bought this new rambler after her divorce from a five-year marriage and now she was peeping at her neighbor. At twenty-nine, she thought for sure she was on the verge of an early mid-life crisis. But spying, well, that is just not her style.

I would not be doing this if he was not so secretive she thought as she stood on the other side of the picket privacy fence. For the six months she had lived there, she had noticed her neighbor keep some weird hours and some funny noises coming from his rambler at one in the morning. He always brought home this red-haired beauty who had the body of Jessica Rabbit and she was always in some form of leather. Definitely not something what you would wear in the suburbs of Minnesota.

Belle had tried to introduce herself to him one day when she was out mowing the lawn in her cut off jeans and a tank top. She had noticed that he was standing at the end of his driveway just staring at her. She waved hi and was beginning to turn off the lawn mower to introduce herself when he gave her a derisive snarl with a not so friendly smile and got in his Lexus and drove off.

Belle thought at the time, ok, maybe the blonde haired golden boy didn’t like black people. Well fuck him then. He was cute, ok, he was down right fine, but she had enough arrogant assholes in her life to last her a good while. She did not make an attempt to be friendly after that.

There was a few times where she thought he was staring at her when she was putting down the rocks for her landscaping project, or when she would go to check her mail, but she didn’t feel the need to make eye contact at all. He was a blue-eyed devil, one that she would stay away from. Yet, from the moment he snarled at her, she found herself more curious about him. Plus the sounds of the moaning from his house was giving her wet dreams at night.

So now, she found herself in her back yard, skulking like some spy to get closer to his porch. She knew he had a hot tub because she could see the steam rise up on the past few nights. It was September and he was hot tubbing? She had to know what was going on.

Sitting down in the grass with her head pressed against the fence, Belle sat back and waited. This time she would know what was going on. And put her over active imagination to rest. Then she heard his patio door open.

“Jake, this is the last time we come out here. It is going to be winter soon and I refuse to catch a cold.”

“Yes, I know, but if you weren’t such a good friend, I wouldn’t be using you in this manner at all.”

Well, the Jessica Rabbit replica was just a friend. Belle shook her head. That could not have been jealousy she was feeling. She hoped that the black tank top she was wearing and the cut off gray sweat pants she was wearing concealed her. The moon was bouncing off her cocoa brown skin but she prayed that the fence would conceal the fact that she was eavesdropping.

“You need to just ask her and get it over with. This is becoming insane.”

“Yeah I know, but I don’t know if she will even go for it. Look at me!”

“Yeah I am looking, you are six three, dimpled, blond hair you like to wear past your ears, despite me telling you to get a hair cut, blue eyes and you work out like the hounds of Hades will get you if you are not perfect… the problem would be what?”
Belle let out a little snort of a laugh, she liked Ms. Rabbit. She knew how to lay the cards on the table.

“Whatever Samantha… just get over here and get in the tub.”

There was some splashing and then the moaning started. Belle wished she could see what was going on, but it sounded like they were having a good time.

Whoever the she was they were talking about, they obviously did not need her.
At that moment, Belle’s highly curious cat decided to follow her out to the patio and started to cross the lawn. Too late, Belle realized that she left the motion sensor light on. Belle bit the bottom of her lip and held her breath. The splashing stopped. So did the moaning. Oh hell… Belle scurried to her knees and tried to doggy crawl as fast as she could to her cat, and run into the house. The last thing she needed was to be seen by this man. Besides that, listening to their play was making a pool in her panties and making her hot.

“Stop right there.” Belle halted in mid crawl, and realized she must have looked like an idiot with her ass in the air in doggy position scurrying like a cat. Oh please God, don’t let him be talking to me. Belle looked through her legs and saw the man in question staring at her from over the top of the fence. His hair wasn’t wet, but she did notice he was shirtless.

Then the cat, obviously thinking it was a game, walked in front of the motion light again and the bright lights came on, highlighting Belle. Then the breeze blew, and that in when Belle noticed it was cooler in her crotch than anywhere else. She looked again, and yep, there it was. A huge tell-tale spot indicating that Belle was turned on. Mortified, Belle flipped over and sat cross-legged in the middle of her yard.

Belle still hadn’t uttered a word when she noticed that Jake had hopped the fence and was striding towards her.

“What do you think you were doing?”

“Getting my cat, and why are you in my yard?” Belle hoped that her angry tone did not show the embarrassment that she was feeling.

“That’s bullshit, you were coming away from the fence. What were you doing?” His tone was harsh and ragged.

“None of your damned business.” Belle got up and stood to her feet. Even though she was five ten, he made her feel like a shrimp.

“I think it is considering you were spying on me.”

“Why would I spy on you? You made it quite clear we aren’t on friendly terms.” Belle turned, and now if she could get her damned cat she could forget this happened.

He reached out, grabbed her, and pulled her to his body. He ground his cock into her backside and held her there. What did he think he was doing? And why was she turned on by it.

“You know, they say that bad girls get spanked.”

“Why don’t you go and spank Jessica Rabbit over there and have at it. I am going in.” She pulled again. He held her closer.

“So you were spying,” he said, his voice dropping to a sexy whisper.

“I was in my backyard thank you.”

Jake, with his arm around her waist, bent her forward and delivered a swift smack to her bottom. His fingers just grazed the exposed flesh of her thigh where her shorts ended.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” Belle felt another sting to her backside. Oh this was too much.

“Quit swearing. It is unladylike.”

“Bastard, if you think…” Smack!

“I said, watch your mouth. If you don’t, I will give you even more punishment.” Just then, Samantha yelled from the fence.

“Jake, I see you got what you wanted, I am headed home, these heels are killing me. I will call you to schedule the next session.” With that, Samantha was gone.

“Session? What type of shit are you into?” Smack!

“Watch your mouth and I will tell you.” Belle was breathing hard. The problem was she could not tell if it was from her anger or if she was getting turned on by Jake smacking her butt with force.

When nothing came, Jake pulled her upright and led her to the fence. The fence shared a door, which latched from her side. Jake opened it easy enough and led her to his patio. There was his hot tub, and an assortment of toys that made Belle’s eyes bulge. Jake then sat her in a chair and pulled one up so he was directly in front of her. His blue eyes stared into her wide brown ones. Her shoulder length hair was a little mussed from him bending her over.

“I am training to keep my sexual appetite under control. Samantha, a Dominatrix, was helping me.”

“Your sexual appetite? What? And why did you bring me over her to tell me that?” Belle shifted in her seat. Her bottom was a little sore from where Jake had spanked her.

“I am sorry does that hurt?” Without warning, Jake pulled her up into his lap and had her bent over across his legs. He pulled her shorts up so they looked like a thong and began to run his fingers softly over the places that he had spanked her. The effect was calming and Belle was soon moaning. What is coming over me? Belle thought, as Jake continued his ministrations.

“In answer to your question, Belle, I have a huge sexual appetite. When you moved in next door it kicked into overdrive. I wanted nothing but to get you in bed. But, you appeared to be a nice lady, and I had never approached a black woman before. You intimidated me.”

“But, you didn’t even say hi back. You just got into your car and left.”

“Because I had a hard on you wouldn’t believe. Your ass in those jeans almost killed me.”

Belle giggled a little. Jake’s hands began to rub lower until she felt the tips of his fingers grazing the outer lips of her pussy. Her buddy shuddered. The touch was light but it sent shock waves through her body.

“And Samantha was helping you control yourself how?”

“She was teaching me how to control my appetite by dominating me. She was showing how to have control of myself. The moaning you heard was me. I was trying to contain an erection. I heard you panting first, but when the light came on I knew you were out there.”

“Why did you spank me?”

“Because Sam was showing me on to be a Dom myself. I guess I was still in the moment.”

Jake’s fingers continued to explore until he found her already swollen clit. The pad of his thumb flicked it and Belle almost bolted of his lap.

Jake held her still and continued to rub. At first he would caress it hard and then he would start slow. It was driving Belle insane. She was breathing hard and she felt a ball of excitement in her belly.

Jake stopped abruptly and put her on one of the lawn chairs. He pulled down her shorts and smiled when he noticed she was not wearing any panties. He bent down and when his lips was a mere inch away from her pussy, he blew a short puff of air on her labia.

“Don’t come,” came his sexy grumble before his lips fastened on to her pussy. Belle thought yeah right, as his tongue began to flick back and forth.

His tongue began at the bottom of her slit, taking a dive into her opening, lapping her juices that were free-flowing, and continued his exploration upward. Belle’s eyed rolled into the back of her head when his tongue found her clit again. Jake rolled her sensitive organ on his tongue as if he was sucking on a piece of candy. Belle sunk her fingers in his hair. Part of her wanted to pull his head away to make him stop the delicious torture, another part wanted to push her hips into his face and make him do it more. She felt her orgasm building in her and she did her best to stop it. His tongue was going faster until she had to speak.

“Jake, stop, I don’t think I can hold off from coming. It is too much.” Her body was thrashing on the lounger and her hips were bucking against Jake’s mouth.

“Hold on Belle, just a little longer yet.” Jake inserted his middle finger into her tight box and Belle almost gave up right then and there. Jake finally stopped teasing her clit with his tongue and let her relax. He held his finger still until it appeared that Belle finally had some control. That is when the second assault started.

Jake began to move his finger back and forth slowly, exploring all of Belle’s slick walls, pushing the finger all the way in, only to draw it back out to the tips of his fingers. Jake was on his knees and with his other free hand, Jake reached up and grabbed Belle’s generous black orbs. Jake’s fingers squeezed and pinched the nipples until they were stiff peaks.

Jake began to shower kisses up Belle’s body, from her patch of jet-black hair covering her mound, up her stomach, and finally he latched onto her nipple. All this time his finger kept up that slow and excruciating pace. Belle was quivering again as he suckled her breast and moved his tongue in unison with his exploring finger. Her blond lover inserted another digit and Belle became wild. She pressed her feet against the cold concrete of the porch and arched her hips into his hand. Her moaning became louder as Jake picked up the speed of his thrusting and pushing until he hit her g-spot every time.

“Jake,” Belle moaned as the pressure and tight coil of pleasure began to wind up in her again. She knew she was close, she felt the most mind-blowing orgasm about to let loose.

“Come for me darling,” Jake said and he moved his lips up to take hers in a passionate kiss. As his lips touched her, bruising her lips in the ferocity in which he kissed her, Belle’s orgasm ripped through her body like a bolt of lighting. Her pussy clenched around Jake’s fingers and she felt her release six months of pent-up passion onto his hand. Jake had captured her screams in his possessive kiss. His fingers slowly stroked her insides as her spasm subsided.

Belle finally broke away from the kiss and gasped for air. She finally relaxed and eased herself slowly back to the comfortable lounger and she was no longer arched in the air. Jake’s fingers were still slowly working her to another heightened state as his other hand removed his swim trunks. Belle looked down at his impressive cock. It was not huge, no bigger than average, but it was thick. Man was it thick. And it was rock hard, ready for her.

Belle let her fingers circle his cock, it felt as smooth as silk but it was hard as marble. She tapped the point of his cock with her fingertip to capture some of the pre cum that was beginning to ooze. She used it to lubricate the reset of his shaft and began some slow sensual torture of her own.

She began to pump his cock slowly at first, as Jake rocked his hips in the rhythm of her hand. His pupils were dilated as she began to pick up the pace. The faster she stroked him, the faster his fingers worked her pussy.

Belle was getting closer to another climax, when Jake put his hand over hers to stop her from stroking his cock.

“You keep that up and I am going to spill right here. Hold still.” Jake got up and walked over to the hot tub. When he returned, he was already rolling a condom down his cock.

“Get up.” Belle complied and wondered in her lust-ridden state, how did I get here? When she looked down at him on the lounger, and saw him pat his lap for her to get on, she didn’t care how she got there. Here was good.

Slowly, Belle straddled the lounger. Jake caressed her legs with his calloused fingers. It felt good against her skin. She lowered herself on to Jake’s waiting cock and moaned at the tight fit. It was filling and stretching her walls to where it was almost painful. There was some burning, but it was worth it.

Jake groaned with approval as she finally seated herself on his length. He grabbed her hips with his large hands and began to rock her back and forth, gently at first.
“God, Belle, you are so tight,” he said as he began to pump his hips upward, filling her more and more and stretching her pussy with his cock. Belle’s second climax tore through her and her legs felt like jelly underneath her.

Jake sat up partially so his face was buried in the crease of her breasts and he began to lick that valley with his tongue. His pumping increased and his hands moved lower to grab Belle by her ass. He pulled her generous round cheeks apart and began bucking wildly into her.

“Come again for me baby, I want to feel it when I explode in you.” That was all Belle needed to hear to send her into a third orgasm. Jake soon followed with a growl and a groan and he sunk his teeth in a light bite into Belle’s breast. His body stiffened underneath her, signaling his release.

When he finally stopped convulsing, Jake eased back into a reclining position, taking Belle with him. Belle tucked her head into his shoulder and didn’t say anything as their breathing slowed.

Belle, finally coherent, looked down at Jake and wiped the mass of blond hair from his forehead, stuck there from there sweaty lovemaking.

He opened his eyes and smiled. Who knew this chocolate sweetheart was a sex kitten?

“This was not a one time thing was it, Jake?” Belle’s eyes flashing concern for a moment.

Jake’s hands were caressing her back in gentle movements and they stopped.
He looked deep into her almond-shaped eyes and chuckled a little. “Never. Now that I have had you, I don’t think I can get enough.”

Belle laughed and eased her head back down on to Jake’s shoulder. She was beginning to really like her neighborhood.








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