Meeting for the First Time

Journal Entry #293

I  am waiting with some trepidation at the small bookstore.   My pen pal should be here to meet me for the first time any minute.  Yeah I know, I know, stupid of me to meet someone who I don’t know in this day and age of killers, rapists and psychos.  I don’t need the lecture. If I told my older sister that I was meeting the man who I had been corresponding with for a year, she would have told me that I need to get my head out of clouds, stop examining buildings for a living and get out more.  She never did understand why I would choose to be a building inspector for the county.  I could not tell her it was because it left me with enough free time to explore my true passion, writing.


Ahhh I digress again.  I am told that I begin to ramble when I am nervous.  You see, I am nervous because this is sort of like a date.  His words, not mine.  We met while bidding online for the same collectible Care Bear glasses that Pizza Hut used to give away.  Crazy I know, but who could be a killer that collects Care Bear glasses.  I found out later they were for his niece, but I was still convinced he was a nice guy.   So after a while we began to write via email. 


I wish I could plead the 5th amendment to you, journal of mine, about how I feel about this man.  I wish I could play it cool and be like the heroines that I write about.  You know, tall and lithe frames, their calm demeanor, their purposeful gait, their piercing eyes that could tell if their suspects were lying through their teeth.   But no, I am not.  I am only able now to look at people without my glasses because I had Lasik surgery two months ago. Otherwise, I would be waiting for my mystery man with my glasses on.  Of course, with the way he makes me flush with his words, they would have been a steamed up mess by now. And I am tall and plus sized, or Rubenesque as they call it now..


I looked up from my journal.  There was a small commotion at the front of the store.  This is why I arrived early for this ‘date’.  I wanted to be able see him before he saw me.  That way I could hide the book that was supposed to be our sign that it was truly us. If he looked like a nut job, I could pretend I was not his correspondent. I was not prize catch myself. I was almost six feet, large feet and long hands.  My cocoa skin was splotchy in places and somehow I managed to be the only black chick I have seen with freckles. I have freckles! I had taken great care to tame my ebony curls into a manageable ponytail cinched at the base of my neck with my lucky silk scarf.    I went through a huge mental battle not to apply lipstick or blush or try to wear make-up that I would only be buying for this occasion.  No, it would not do for me to be made up to look like something that I wasn’t.  Besides, I  had already told him that I didn’t wear make up and I didn’t care for having stuff plastered to my face that one would need a scouring pad and laundry detergent to get off. Plus, I didn’t know how to apply it and only wore a little mascara to highlight my chocolate-brown eyes.  Every so often I might use flavored lip balm.  I had laughed when he actually wrote back, what flavor?  I quickly told him cherry vanilla was my favorite.

So there I was, waiting for him, watching the commotion from the front of the store move toward my table.  What is going on? A hoard of women was following a poor man asking for his autograph over and over again.  He gave a small chuckle and stopped at my table.  He glanced down at the book I had on the table.   It was The Man in the Iron Mask.  He turned his back on me and a hush fell over the ogling groupies.

“Ok ladies, I don’t want to be rude, but I have found my old friend and I would like some privacy.”  He turned back to me and slid into the seat across from me. Huh?  “I am sorry about all that, when I suggested this place, I thought it would be less crowded, but I think we should be in peace.”

I tried desperately to close my mouth from shock, only after I am sure I swallowed a fly or two.  The man who was talking to me was Ben Chance, the rugged and handsome host of the archeological show I was addicted to.    I spent too many nights drooling at his physique in his khaki cargo shorts as he climbed over trails and hiked over ruins not to know exactly who he was.   He was constantly in the sun and his skin was bronzed.  His hair was a confined riot on his head with streaks of gold, brown, silver and rust.   He had to be a deity in some form.   Why was he talking to me again?

“I am sorry for not telling you my name, but I feared that you wouldn’t believe me if I told you who I was.”  He smile was easy and it reached his eyes, turning them from an amber color to a golden hue.   His eyes reminded me of the Silverhawks cartoon I used to watch as a kid.   Each time the camera would close in on the Golden Eagle, the bird would shimmer and glisten in the most mesmerizing way.  I am so out of my league.

“I uh… huh?” I smacked my forehead. Get a grip girl!  I needed to breathe.  I expected someone like me, nervous, inexperienced and hell, not him!  I fumbled in my purse and pulled out my asthma inhaler.  Taking two long inhalations, I held my breath and stared at this tribute to male in front of me.  I knew underneath the black blazer that he wore were muscles defined from years of climbing rugged terrain.  I shouldn’t have thought about that, because I expelled my breath and fell into a fit of coughs.

“Are you ok?” Ben’s face was contorted in concern.  His hand reached across the table and all I could do was stare at it.  Ok, so my brain went playing in the poppy fields and left my body behind to look like a complete idiot, but it was ok.  I would wake up at any minute.  “I am sorry, but you are Sparky aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am sorry.  My name is Samara.  I uh…er, that is, I mean… well I didn’t expect Art-n-fact to be you!”  I rushed out using his screen name from our chat sessions.

Ben chuckled a little and appeared sheepish.

“Yeah, I am not the same guy I am in front of the camera.  But then, I didn’t expect for us to ever meet in person.  But I got some much-needed vacation time and here I am.”

“Why did you want to meet?”  I couldn’t help but to be curious.  This man could have had any body, and he is sitting here, talking to me.

“Do you want to get out of here?”  He said, raising his eyebrow.  For a moment, gone was the confidant explorer that graced my television screen every Wednesday night.  He looked at me as I might say no.

I eyed him suspiciously, but thought nothing bad could happen between me and someone I had written to diligently throughout the year.

I nodded my head yes and I could have sworn I saw a sigh of relief shudder through Ben’s body.   This made me smile.  He stood and offered his arm and they walked out of the small bookstore.

I led us to my apartment which was only a few blocks away.   Opening the door with my apartment, I finally found my tongue.

“So what brings you into town? Do you live around here?”

Ben, as he shrugged out of his jacket and laid it on the back of my couch, nodded yes.

“Yeah, I actually live across town, but I used to love walking the around the parks on this side of town when I get a chance too.”  Ben looked around him, “Nice place.”

I crossed my arms in front of me and stood in front of Ben.  I still couldn’t believe he was the man who my heart had decided to will itself to.  In my mind, I could admit to myself that I was in love with him.  Seeing him and his looks, I might not ever tell him that.

“To answer your earlier question, Sam, I really needed to meet you.  I just had to see the person that knows things about me that my mother doesn’t even know.”

Sam? No one had ever shortened my name before but it sounded good coming from his lips.

“Well, here I am. Minus the glasses.  I told you  I had Lasik.”  As the words fell from my lips my mind brought up all the things  I had told Art-n-Fact,  whom I now knew was Ben, him. Even the infatuation I had for the Roaming Historian, Ben Chance.  I felt like an idiot.  I dropped my eyes and stared at my hardwood floors.

“No honey, don’t do that, you are too beautiful not to hold your head high.  I am glad I came.”

“Oh yeah, so you can stare at me with my freckles and untamed hair and thank goodness that this is just a friendship?”

“No.  I am glad I came so I could finally see who this witty, smart, daring and caring goddess was that stole my heart.”

My head snapped up and I looked into the eyes of Ben, who looked so sincere it stole my breath.

Ben crossed the room and pulled me in close.   His lips caressed mine and I could feel him chuckling deep in his belly.

“Mmmmm, cherry vanilla is my favorite flavor.”   His arms encircled me and brought me in to his warm embrace.   He kissed me softly, yet my mouth remained closed.   I wasn’t sure how to do the kissing thing.  I had only been kissed once.

“Open your mouth for me sweetheart.” Slowly I opened my mouth and Ben slipped his tongue in ever so slightly.  I could feel his warm tongue teasing mine in a wonderful dance.

Slowly my mouth opened more and I opened myself to him.  His hands started to roam all over my body, heating up spots that had never been touched.  My small whimper snapped us both of our kissing frenzy.

“I am sorry Sam, just so you know, I didn’t come here for this, you are just so irresistible.  Should I leave?” Ben stood with his arms still around me.     I shook my head no.  I might regret it later, but I wasn’t going to regret it now.  He may be all a joke and he may be using me, but it was a chance I was going to take for right now.

Ben’s golden face burst into a grin and in one moment, he swooped me up into his arms and started to carry me back through my hallway.   I shook off my surprise.

“Ben, put me down, I am too heavy for that, you are going to hurt yourself!”   Ben just grinned at me, and kept carrying me.

“The only thing that I am going to do my love, is make you want me and never let me go. Where is your bedroom?”   I looked into Ben’s eyes and gasped.  The look I saw scared me and made my panties go damp at the same time.   His eyes were a deep amber shade, and his pupils were dilated in desire.  Oh my goodness, he really does want me!

“Uh…to the left.”  I stammered.   Ben took me into the bedroom and laid me carefully on the bed.  He pulled my shirt over my head, and my hands flew around myself to cover up my pudgy spots.

“Nuh uh… don’t do that, I want to see all of you.”   Ben’s fingers closed around mine and pried my shaking hands from around my body.   As he hovered over me, he kissed my neck, and trailed the kisses down her throat.  His hands freely roamed over her body, removing more clothing until I laid on my bed clad in nothing.

“Stunning.”  Ben said as he pulled his white t-shirt over his head.   With a few quick movements Ben was as bare as I.   I gulped as I saw his manhood jutting upward, jerking a little when he came near me.   I didn’t know what to think.  I never saw one before.

“Ummm Ben?”  My eyes flew to his, trying not to focus on his rolling a condom down his hardened flesh.

“Yes, love?”

“I uh, that is to say, it’s not that I don’t want to, it is just that I…” I paused as I looked at his look go from lust to worried.  I had to tell him. “I have never done this before!”  I belted out before he thought it was his fault I was hesitant.

“Oh hun, that makes me very happy.” Ben said as he laid me down on my back.  He began to caress me again, turning my body into a mass of nerves.  His tongue circled and caressed my stiffening nipples and he rained kisses all over my body.

Ben positioned himself above me and hooked my long legs around his torso.  He leaned in close and whispered soothing words in my ear as he slowly crept the tip of sheathed sword towards my entrance.   He ran the tip of it over my slick opening a few times, making my hips buck into the air.  After deliciously torturing me, Ben grabbed my hips and guided his member into my wet canal. There was a slight burn as he entered me, and I could do nothing but sigh.   Then he hit a stopping point and he didn’t move.

“Forgive me Sam, this is going to hurt a little, but you will like it in a moment.”  Ben thrust forward and tore the barrier that kept him from completely joining himself to me.  He held still until I became accustomed to his size and then he began to move back and forth, merging our hips together.

Later, after satisfying our lusts several times, I laid in Ben’s arms.

“Sam, I have to tell you something.”

I murmured something intelligible and rolled onto him.

“Sam, I lied.”  I bolted up in the bed, covering my full breasts with the sheet.

“About what?”  I asked, scared that my perfect night was about to be shattered.  I braced for the news, ready for my heart to break.

“Those Care Bear glasses were really for me.  I don’t have a niece.”








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2 thoughts on “Meeting for the First Time

  1. Its good to read about and know a womans body doesn’t have to be perfect to find that perfect someone for them, and to know they worship that imperfect body.


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