Out From The Lion’s Den – Chapter 3

Kasen stood since Marise only came half way into the room before she halted.
“Come here.” Kasen’s brusque tone made Marise jump. Kasen flinched, he didn’t mean to make her freak out. In fact, he had the very opposite in mind, he wanted to be comforting, but how could comfort Marise she there, dressed in almost nothing, the reality of his fantasies had manifested and Kasen was pissed about it all. How many times had he imagined her like this, damn near naked, her coffee toned skin shining, and only mere inches away from him? But this is not where he thought it would be. It was supposed to be in his lavish condo, not this dump. It took all of his strength not to drag her out of here. He did not want to cause a scene, but the desire to throw her over his shoulder and run like hell was so strong, he inadvertantly took a step toward her. When Marise began to back away from him, he stopped. Kasen balled his hands into a fist and jammed them into his pockets. He slumped back on the loveseat and waited. The booming music matched the thundering beat of his heart. He kept his arms at his side and watched as she sashayed her hips and walked towards him. Kasen could not tell if she was trying to be seductive or trying not to fall in those damn shoes.

She turned around and her thighs were a mere inch away from his lap when he finally spoke again.
Marise froze.
“What was that hun?” Marise licked her dry lips as she looked over her bare shoulder. Kasen followed the motion with his eyes and he felt his cock stir. Dammit, he wanted to help her, not fuck her silly on the floor. Kasen swallowed hard to get past the lump in his throat.
“Stop, and turn around.” His baritone voice gave no room for argument. She obeyed. She slowly turned and kept her eyes fixed to the floor.

Fuck, she is somewhat of a submissive too? Damn it all.

“Look at me.” Kasen commanded, his voice low but authorative. He could tell Marise was trembling inside by watching her long fingers jerk involuntarily. He knew one wrong move and she would bolt.
Looking her in the eyes, he could see she wasn’t really seeing him, just another paying customer. He kept his hands at his sides as he stared at her slowly spreading her thighs and straddling his lap. Rubbing her hands on his chest, Marise tried avoid his gaze. What did she think would she see there? Kasen wondered. Disappointment in her choice of a second job or maybe lust? She looked at the ceiling, gazing at the disco ball as if she could see her future in it. Her gaze fell on his fingers that were clawing the couch. Gyrating her hips on his hips in a back and forth motion, she looked everywhere but at him.
“Marise, quit,” he barked. The heat from her body was feeling like it was burning through his pants. Marise still refused to meet his eyes. It took every ounce of self-control that he possessed to keep his cock from rising. It was painful, but he learned self-control a long time ago.

“I said enough!” Kasen growled, sounding like a wolf ready to kill.
His tone made Marise gasp. His breathing was ragged and her hands ceased rubbing his chest. She could feel his heart pounding. Finally, her chocolate eyes flew to meet his cerulean gaze. The feral gleam in Kasen’s eyes was not lust, nor desire, not even a greedy smile of sickening, lecherous thoughts. It was unadulterated anger. Kasen’s eyes glowed an icy blue.
“Please,” Marise’s weak voice surprise him and Kasen felt the air rush into his lungs. “Please, don’t say anything.” Marise stopped moving, yet she leaned down low and whispered in his ear.

“I cant sit still, the bouncers behind the mirrors will get suspicious. Please don’t say anything.” Her husky voice and breath tickled Kasen’s ear.
“How can I not?” Kasen hissed, trying to clamp down on his arousal and his anger. Marise’s eyes darted to the mirror and looked at him, hoping that he comprehended what she was telling him.

Kasen’s eyes shot to the mirror and returned. He focused top of her forehead. He knew he couldn’t stare at her, and he didn’t want to look anywhere else. Not if he wanted to walk out of Harem with his respect for her intact. Kasen expelled a breath.

“What are you doing here, Marise, this just doesn’t seem like you.”
“I have to do this and you don’t know me.” Marise hissed back, rolling her eyes. She turned and put her back to him again. Kasen clenched and unclenched his fists several times. Why am I so angry? Isn’t this every man’s fantasy? His prim and proper secretary was doing the nasty grind in his lap? No not him and not Marise, not like this.
“I think I do know you, and you don’t have to do this. Don’t I pay you enough?” he whispered against her ear.
“Yes, Mr. Montgomery. You pay me quite well, but not enough to pay off my debt.” She whispered. Kasen could almost feel her shame and tried to check his anger.
“Then why didn’t you come to me? We could have done something.” His voice low and endearing, he felt like he finally had some control over his sex drive and could get her out of this place.
“No offense, but it is not your problem. I am almost done with this shit. I just need a little more.” She hissed.
The music quieted. Marise got up off Kasen’s lap, turned, and refused to look into his eyes again. Out of options of where to stare, she chose to focus on his necktie. Her hands on her hips, she looked as though she couldn’t bare to look at him. She tried to smirk, to seem confident Kasen was sure, but he could tell it was a false show, as false as that awful wig and her smeared beauty mark.

Kasen handed her a fifty-dollar bill. Marise was surprised; he knew a private dance was only twenty bucks thanks to the many women who had approached him earlier. When she reached out to grab it, his fingers curled around hers and he pulled her close.

“Come to work tomorrow, please.” There was a hint of desperation in his voice. “Trust me on this. Just don’t run from me, and don’t come back here tomorrow.”

Marise nodded her head in agreement, took the fifty and ran from the lounge.

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